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An Original Production

The White Rajah of Sarawak (TWROS) is an original musical production by St Joseph’s Family of Schools. It was first produced and staged in 2017.

 A restaging of this well-received musical is on 5, 6 and 7 July 2019 as part of Rain Forest Fringe 2019 with new cast, new songs, new choreography and additional script.

The restaging of TWROS after its resounding success and continued interest shown is a part of the students’ and teachers’ initiative to raise funds for a new school building which will house our new school performing arts hall, music room and dance room.

We envisage that through TWROS, we will be able to promote music, arts and and culture through the passion and dedication of our youths. Originally scripted and orchestrated by local Sarawakian talents, it is rich in our local history, culture and takes pride to showcase what is uniquely Sarawakian.

Scene from TWROS 2017 – The Installation of James Brooke as the White Rajah of Sarawak

TWROS is part of RFF
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