The School Badge

The “SJ” symbol for St Joseph on the west side of the building, and the school motto, “Ora et Labora” above it.
The star symbol on the south side of the building.
The lily symbol on the east side of the building.
The symbol of the lamp on the north side of the building.

The School Motto

These are Latin words meaning prayer and work. They underline two values which are basic to the ideals and traditions of our school. The first word emphasizes our relationship with God. We believe that the basis of real respect for people, irrespective of race or creed, is an acknowledgement of our common bond as humans, as children of the same God.

The second word is a constant reminder to us that if we wish to achieve anything worthwhile in life, in our studies, work, games, etc, we must be willing to make an honest effort to achieve it. We all share an obligation to society to do our work to the best of our ability.