Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)​

Exam Secretaries
Exam secretary I: Mr. Kho Thong Eng
Exam secretary II: Ms. Thian Siaw Hui
Exam secretary III: Ms. Kong Ying Ying
Exam secretary IV: Mr. Ambrose Tai

ECA Teachers
Prefects – Ms. Lucilla Chin Na, Ms. Bong Wan Yuan
Librarians – Mr. Paul Voon (Head), Mr. Roger Chai, Ms. Chua Suk Ngo
School Magazine (Via Sapientiae 2019) – Ms. Francisca Edup (Head), Ms. Geraldine Ong (Assistant), Ms. Gabrielle Lim (Graphics and Layout), Ms. Lye Mei Yin (Advertisements)
Coordinator for School Mass / Choir – Mr. Anderson Landok / Mr. Benedict Lo Jin Chi
School Camps & Retreats – Mr. Benedict Lo Jin Chi, Sch. Nalerin Erone, SJ, Mr. Jerome Lim
School AV Technical and Logistics Team – Mr. Tan Peng Chiang, Mr. Brazil ak Mission
Health Care Room – Mr. Liew Siaw Lin, Mr. Lee Teck Siong (Albert), Red Crescent members
Counselor – Ms. Serene Koh
Career Guidance – Ms. Lye Mei Yin, Ms. Francisca Edup

Uniform Groups
Red Crescent Society – Mr. Liew Siaw Lin, Mr. Lee Teck Siong (Albert),
Scouts – Mr. Jerome Lim
TaeKwonDo – Ms. Fiona Basert Saol
Wushu – Ms. Siaw Siew Kim
Society of St. John Berchmans, SJ – Sch. Nalerine Erone, SJ
St Joseph’s School Marching Band – Ms. Vivien Ng, Ms. June Ling (SMK St Joseph)
Boys’ Brigade – Ms. Christina Yong Siaw Han
Girls’ Brigade – Ms. Joyce Wong Yieng Ping
Lion Dance Troupe – Mr. Benedict Lo

Sports and Games
Badminton Monday – Ms. Venessa Kelly
Badminton Tuesday – Ms. Elizabeth Silai
Badminton Wednesday – Ms. Alicia Nase Charles
Badminton Thursday – Mr. Roger Chai (Head)
Squash Monday – Mr. Choong Joong Min
Squash Tuesday – Mr. Sebestian Kalang William
Squash Wednesday – Mr. Ong Kheng Syn
Tennis – Mr. Andrew Hii Toh Siik
Athletics – Mr. Andrew Hii Toh Siik, Mr. Fabian Kong Kah Shueg
Football – Mr. Felix Alla
Futsal – Mr. Nigel Vincent
Ping Pong – Ms. Kong Suik Fern
Basketball – Ms. Angela Sating
Volleyball – Ms. Nancy Ong
Handball – Ms. Pamela Mandy Monok Atar, Mr. Kelvin Harry
Ultimate Frisbee – Ms. Jesica Lendl
Swimming – Mr. Tan Peng Chiang
Diabolo Chinese Yoyo – Mr. Philip Yeoh

Clubs and Societies
Young Christian Students (YCS) – Mr. Fabian Kong Kah Shueg
Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) – Ms. Joyce Wong Yieng Ping
Music Club 1 – Mr. Anderson Landok
Music Club 2 – Ms. Goh Mey Lih
Photography Club – Mr. Ong Kheng Syn
Art Club – Ms. Gabrielle Lim
Ballet Club – Ms. Kong Ying Ying
Landscape Club – Ms. Rosita Shebli, Mr. Brazil ak Mission
Chess Club 1 – Ms. Felicia Koh
Chess Club 2 – Ms. Judith Ambrose
Choir Club – Mr. Benedict Lo Jin Chi
Dance Club – Ms. Felicia Rabong
English Club 1 – Ms. Annie Wong
English Club 2 – Ms. Maria Ritikos
Kelab Bahasa Malaysia – Ms. Christina Michael
S.T.E.A.M. Club – Mr. John Yap Wei Onn (Head), Ms. Phan Tze Pei, Ms. Tay Hui Na
Cultural Club – Ms. Winnie Jenging
History Club – Mr. Peter Ling Huo Hang
Buddhist Society – Ms. Bong Wan Yuan
Interact Club – Ms. Nancy Ting Shy Huey, Mr. Jerome Tay
Cor Amoris Charity Club – Mr. John Yap Wei Onn, Ms. Joanne Tan
Home Science Club – Ms. Christine Jussem
SJPS Concert Band – Mr. Benedict Lo, Mr. Frederick Teng, Ms. Vivien Ng, Ms. Carinth Ak Elbes, Br. Mark John Suarez, FMS (representative from SJIS)

Our two SJPS lions, Kiko and Iggy

The Ministry of Education is placing greater emphasis on students’ participation in ECA for entry into university. Each student must participate in at least one ECA.

Through ECA, students are expected to acquire skills, learn discipline and teamwork, develop leadership, increase self-esteem and build confidence in their pursuits. ECA contributes towards a holistic development of each student while complementing academic studies.

Click here to read about how ECA is graded according to the Malaysian National Curriculum.
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