Malaysia Prihatin, SJFS Prihatin – A showcase of Hari Malaysia 2020 with videos

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to celebrate Hari Malaysia as usual with a performance in school. However, students and teachers got together to sing this year’s fantastic theme song “MALAYSIA PRIHATIN” composed by Dato’ Mokhzani Ismail with lyrics by El Sol Akhmad.

Three music videos were made. They feature talented teachers of St. Joseph’s Family of Schools, the School Choir and the beautiful voices of the primary school students in their music class. The other students were Form Five students who came to school enthusiastically to shoot these videos in various ethnic dress to signify the unity in diversity of Malaysia.

This project could not be possible without the help of the following people:

SJFS Teachers (Vocalist):
Natalie Kwan, Susanna Juan, Joanne Tan, Felicia Rabong, Francisca Edup, Elizabeth Silai, Leeroy Garet, Sebestian Kalang, Anderson Landok and Benedict Lo

Students (Vocalist):
SJPS CHOIR – Irwin Fong, Choo Khai Xuan, Bryan Eng, Jayden Chan, Terry Thian, Brandon Chan, Edmund Wong, Raphael Lai, Benjamin Tiong, Jayne Lee, Chiew Yih Chun, Chiew Yee Xin, Olivia Lau, Joycelyn Hon, Bethany Chan, Jocelyn Wong, Charlotte Lee, Angelina Wong, Nicole Hon, Brandon Yong, Rachel Eng, Joyce Singai, Eleana Christopher

3 Faith, 3 Hope, 4 Faith, 4 Hope, 4 Love, 5 Faith, 5 Hope, 5 Joy, 5 Love, 6 Faith, 6 Hope

Also featuring SJPS Cultural Club Dancers

Chief Producer:
Benedict JC Lo

Chris Wong (Batch 2017) & Maxwell Sim (Batch 2020)

Ambrose Tai, Chris Wong (Batch 2017), Maxwell Sim (Batch 2020), Anthony Kho (Batch 2018)

First Video: Vocal Recording Edition

Second Video: edited by Maxwell Sim (Batch 2020)

Third Video: edited by Chris Wong (Batch 2017)