Anime & Video Games Art Exhibition 2023 by SJPS Art Club

The 3rd of July marks a very special day for the Art Club of SJPSS. From the 3rd to the 7th of July 2023, SJPSS Art Club held their first-ever art exhibition, themed anime and video games. All the classes had a chance to visit the exhibition, to admire the various art pieces by the Art Club members as well as immerse themselves in the world of art. The exhibition consisted of artwork produced from the artists’ imaginations, as well as artworks inspired by existing video games and animes which were drawn in the artists’ own styles.

Throughout the week of the exhibition, postcards, stickers and keychains of artworks in the exhibition were sold, and all the sales would go to the school building fund. I dare say that this event is successful because everyone was very supportive, to the point that most of the merchandise was sold out. We even had visitors from SMK St Joseph!

The Art Club members had worked really hard to make this exhibition possible. Here are a few words from some of our committee members regarding this event!

“I personally think it’s really cool that Art Club reaches new milestones every year. From painting a mural on the walls of the library last year to holding our own art exhibition this year, it is really something to be proud of. It was a totally new experience for me as I have never helped out at art exhibitions before. Towards the end, although my groupmates and I were rushing to finish our artwork, it was really worth it after seeing the immense support and love that everyone showed to our exhibition. The sight of excited students crowding in the Assisi Room and the amount of money that we raised through this exhibition left a warm feeling in my heart. I’m eternally grateful for Ms. Gabrielle and the Art Club members who put their blood, sweat and tears to ensure the success of our exhibition” 
~Adelia Chan~

“I was very impressed with our mini art exhibition and was happy that everything went on smoothly and successfully. I’m also glad that students and teachers were mesmerised by the artwork done by the members. Though it was quite a rush for my group, we really enjoyed the process and were satisfied with the result of our artwork. Through this exhibition, we learned from each other, acknowledged each others’ skills and talents as well as experienced a sense of accomplishment. I think this is a great experience for students and teachers to be exposed to the world of art. This is a good approach to promote the beauty of art.”
~Felice Ng~

“When Miss Gabby first mentioned about setting up an art exhibition, I thought it would be something most people would not pay attention to. My group decided to do a digital drawing of Ghibli characters. During the preparation, we individually drew a character on our own devices. However, when we compiled everything, it didn’t turn out so well because each of us have different art styles, which gave off a messy and weird impression. Plus, the background of our png files became black when transported into the same canvas. Seeing how the due date was very close, we just left it on an empty canvas and prayed for the best. However, the good part is, of course, the support we received from students. I can’t believe the amount we earned from both merchandise and original art. It’s really heartwarming to know most of our efforts came to fruition. The reviews left by the students were also really encouraging and inspiring. My favourite one was a comment on how Ponyo was cute. Someone noticed my art omg 😭❣️I definitely still have a lot to improve on so I’ll continue to try my best to make better art pieces. I would also like to thank Miss Gabrielle, the committee members as well as all the club members who helped organize the exhibition. The support we received would never have been possible without everyone’s active participation and commitment. I’m looking forward to similar projects in the future too!
~Cheryl Wong~

“I am glad that this exhibition was held as it allowed my fellow art club members to showcase their artsy talents and jaw-dropping skills. Through this exhibition, I was able to gain many insights about the myriad of art styles; some, which gave me a pang of inspiration to be just as creative in my future projects.”
~Ofelia Lau~

When my friends and I were given the topic for the exhibition, I was excited since I have always been interested in animes and games. My friends and I decided to draw an art piece based on one of my favourite animes, “Demon Slayer”. We mostly completed our art during the school holidays and used photos from Google as reference. It took us quite a long time to finish the drawing since we kept procrastinating. I felt nervous when our drawing was showcased in the exhibition as I didn’t think it looked nice, so I was relieved and grateful when people loved our artwork.
~Sarah Grace Liu~