Band exchange with Ballinasloe Town Band

   12 June 2021 marked the day of the band exchange between the St Teresa’s School Concert Band, St Joseph’s School Marching Band, St Joseph’s Private School Concert Band and the Ballinasloe Town Band from Ireland.

   To start off, we had everyone introduce themselves. Through the introductions, we learned about the history of each band. Right after that, we had our ice-breaking session. We played ‘Guess the instrument’. We also had our fitness session where everyone stood up and grooved to the music. Not only that, we even had live performances in which a few people from each band played some short excerpts for everyone.

   During the exchange, we learned many new things about each other. We asked questions about each other and received many interesting replies from them. We played and talked a lot, so much so we forgot about the time! To end the session, we played a quiz where the questions were about each band. After completing the quiz we continued interacting and enjoying getting to know our new friends until around 7.00 pm.

   All too soon we had to say goodbye with a closing prayer. We were sad to see each other go as we made friends with one another in the short virtual meeting. Through this exchange, we learned many things and we also built a strong bond with each other. We had fun so I’m sure we will have this again.

Emily Eng