Doing Good As A Team: We Went Beach Cleaning

   On 8 February 2020, my group members and I went to Sematan Palm Beach Resort for a beach cleaning activity. Although the weather was super hot and dry, we did not hesitate to go on with what we were supposed to do.

   We brought plastic bags and gloves to carry out the activity. The beach was so polluted that our plastic bags were full until the point where the plastic bags were almost torn. We picked up rubbish for about an hour and were satisfied because we were glad that we managed to clean up a small area of the beach that was full of food packages and even empty glass jars.

   From this activity, I’ve learnt that as a youth, we are responsible to show awareness about the importance of having a clean beach. This is because God has given us beautiful nature and marine life for us humans to enjoy and in return we must take our responsibility properly to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our nature. Not only that, a clean beach reflects our local personality as well because if the beach is extremely polluted, foreigners will have a bad impression of us for being dirty and lazy.

   Other than that, it has taught us to be unselfish. Sometimes, we would think that it is okay to litter a little rubbish, but we never think about those who will need to clean it up after us. During the activity, we were frustrated at the fact that visitors were too lazy to throw their rubbish into the bins even though there are three bins provided at the café nearby.

   Activities such as these have taught us valuable lessons and they should be taught since young. I do look forward to our next trip and learn more stuff along the way. My group members and I were glad but tired at the same time because we have done something good for the environment as well as for society.

Serafina Jimos (F5 Sigma)