Fun and challenging at the same time – sharing on BK21 Quiz

   BK21 Quiz is an online Bible quiz based on Acts of the Apostles Chapter 1 to 18 held on 26 June this year. There were 50 MCQ questions to be answered in 40 minutes. It is part of the National SPM Bible Knowledge Quiz organised annually by the Federation of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia (FCMSM) and is endorsed by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

Jordon Qi Hao LAI

   With 2021 being my second year joining the SPM National Bible Quiz, I was really looking forward to the BK21 Quiz. It’s always a fun time trying to understand the book of Acts because the stories always have great values while being interesting. All in all, the BK21 Quiz was a fun experience and definitely worth joining. •


   First of all, I would like to thank Mr Ben for providing us quizzes to do as revision before our actual quiz on Saturday. Honestly, I enjoyed doing BK21 online this year. I wasn’t as stressful when I was doing the quiz compared to last year. Also, I’m very grateful that I was able to answer all the questions on time. All in all, it was indeed a great experience and I am looking forward to participating in future Bible quizzes. •

Claire TEO

   It has always been a pleasure to be part of the BK Quiz Competition. To be honest, although all my family members are Christian, we seldom discuss Bible texts together. We enjoy singing hymns to God as that is the time when we can find peace together and most importantly, deepen our bonding with one another. As I am growing up, I find joy reading Bible texts as I feel the assurance of God’s love to His children. My faith grows when I read through the miracles and wonders that have been performed. Taking part in the BK Quiz has always motivated me to read more and build strong relationships with God. Apart from participating and attempting the quiz, I am glad to share my knowledge about the text in the Bible with my family members as well. Hence, for me, taking part in the quiz is not only about getting good grades in it but to share it with others and help to strengthen their faith. All in all, I enjoy participating in the quiz and I am looking forward to more quizzes in the future. •

Mark Lauren Kwang Liang LOI (100%)

   BK21 Online Quiz Experience: My journey in preparing for this quiz was quite challenging. This is due to the fact that I had my online Topical Test 2 from 14th to 17th June. So I spent the 2-week Gawai Holiday doing my revision for the TT2. After the TT2 was over, I had only 1 week to prepare for the BK21 Quiz. Luckily, Mr. Ben prepared some online quizzes for us in the Google Classroom. These had helped me a lot in my preparation. I divided the number of chapters to read everyday after online class. I was more familiar with Acts 15-18 as it was tested in the BK Postal Quiz in May. I found the book of Acts very interesting to study and read as the apostles bear witness to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The BK21 Quiz questions were not too hard. I set my goal to achieve at least 90% for the BK21 Quiz. But I managed to achieve full marks with the help of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit which made me very happy. All in all, it was a fun experience and I am looking forward to the BK22 Quiz next year. •

Joey Jia Yi PUI

   I had a strong urge to join BK21 Quiz at the very last minute, and boy, it was a challenge! Imagine having to finish reading 18 long chapters when the quiz was due in three days. Nevertheless, I treated Acts like a story and even managed to attempt the practice quizzes Mr Ben sent beforehand which really helped me grasp the main content and to remember them better. Never would I have found taking the quiz less intimidating and fun if it hadn’t been for the Lord and Mr Ben. It was truly an unforgettable experience. •

Jayden Wen Ming LIM

   Taking BK21 Quiz was quite knowledgeable for me because I was able to know more about the things that happened after Jesus’s ascension. Preparing for the quiz, I found all the parables and miracles quite interesting. There is much wisdom in those stories. •

Shea Qi HU

   I only started studying this morning (on the actual day) because I think it is the best way to keep my memory fresh in mind. I read Acts online and I find it quite interesting as I’m always used to reading from physical books. Aside from reading, I also attempted the quizzes as my final preparation. BK21 Quiz was quite alright. Some questions gave me a headache because there were too many scenes going on in my head and I could barely remember their order. But, I am grateful enough to have scored 80%. Thank you, Mr Ben, for encouraging us to take part in this fun quiz. It’s really a good opportunity to build a relationship with God while understanding His Word. Also, thank you for sacrificing your time to prepare those extra materials which helped me a lot throughout my last minute studies. :DD •

Jocelyn Kee Lei WONG

   The preparation for this competition was tough, as I haven’t learnt the book of Acts in class before except going through some parts of it during RE class. Moreover, I have not finished reading the Gospel of Luke, so I didn’t really know what happened after Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and after Jesus’ death. However, as I started reading the book of Acts, I realised it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. The timeline and the map for the missionary journey of Paul which were provided in the GC were really a big help to me. The quiz was quite okay, except some of the questions with the names of the places confused me a little. At last, I managed to get a quite satisfactory score. It was definitely a great experience participating in the quiz this year. •

Isaac Khai Zhuan GOH

   First of all, I would like to thank the organisers for organising this meaningful online quiz. Personally, I think this Bible quiz is a great motivation for people like me, lazy and easily discouraged, to study and explore more about the Bible. I enjoyed the process of reading the Bible texts repeatedly, as I understood the teachings a little more and remembered more of the details in each story, then being able to answer the questions in the practice quizzes. I never regretted participating in this quiz and am looking forward to participating in future quizzes. •


   About a month ago, Father Joseph sent the pre-registration link for BK21 Online Quiz to our RE group chat. During these hard times, it’s hard to carry out activities and obtain the ECA marks needed. Therefore, I decided to sign up for the quiz to get some ECA marks. Due to the stress from other subjects, I decided not to take BK this year. However, the scope of the quiz is from Acts chapter 1 to 18, but we have only reached around chapter 11 in Form 4 so I had 7 new chapters that I had to grasp. I rescheduled my time to revise the chapters I’ve learnt last year and take some time to read and watch videos on the 7 chapters that are new to me. Other than that, I also did the quizzes Mr Ben posted on Google Classroom to ensure that I understood them well. At last, my hard work paid off and I got 92 marks for this quiz. Overall, this experience was fun as it sets a short-term goal for me to achieve and it motivates me to learn. •

Daphne Sheng Hui WONG   

Taking this quiz for me was quite stressful mainly because I have not been reading Acts the Apostles until recently and there is so much to memorise. Although I don’t take Bible Knowledge in SPM but I think this is a great opportunity for me to know more about God. But for last minute studying I just did lots and lots of quizzes that were prepared by Mr Ben and also from other platforms because all the important things you need to know are there. I also watched some videos suggested by Mr Ben which were quite helpful for last minute recap. Although it’s challenging, I strongly encourage more juniors to join BK quiz in the future. •