First Holy Communion 2016

The Mass during which 26 of our students received holy communion for the first time was held on 14 October 2016 in the school. Fr Alvin Ng, SJ presided over the Mass with Fr Francis Lim, SJ and Fr Stephen Lim concelebrating.

Photos were taken by Chris Wong Lee Hung (F4ScPhi), Donnoel Christian Yeo Jun Quan (F4ScPhi), Yong Jee Ning (F1E) and Celine Sim Mei Chern (F1A). Click here or on the photo above for more photos. The students were:
  1. Alistair Leo Philip (P4Hope)
  2. Zacchaeus Joseph Lai Min Khai (P4Hope)
  3. Lucas Hii Gong Quan (P4Faith)
  4. Brian Leong Han Wei (P4Faith)
  5. Anselm Leong Han Wen (P5Faith)
  6. Chanel Eve Lee Pei Xin (P4Hope)
  7. Noel Teng Wan Sheng (P4Hope)
  8. Ritchie Liew siang Chien (P4Hope)
  9. Heidi Hii Gong Xin (P4Faith)
  10. Ashley Liew Tze Yee (P4Faith)
  11. Benedict Ng Tian En (P4Faith)
  12. Megan Melanie Lee Zhia Qi (P4Faith)
  13. Vanessa Chong Jia Yin (P4Faith)
  1. Jorgy Brakar Anak Jores (P4Hope)
  2. Ashley Sia Jia Xuan (P4Faith)
  3. Michelle Lee Zhen Zheen (P4Faith)
  4. Timothy Hii King Siang (P4Faith)
  5. Cheryl Sik Yee Ting (P4Hope)
  6. Emelyn Trisha Wong Shiyue (P4Hope)
  7. Kenji Stephen Gregory (P4Hope)
  8. Gerard Chee Wee How (P5Faith)
  9. Amberlyn Wong Pei Ying (P5Faith)
  10. Lester Tsai Wei Chien (P5Faith)
  11. Mabelle Ting King Xuen (F1E)
  12. Adrian Lim Min Chuan (F1E)
  13. Felix Then Kai Fan (F1C)