Gawai and Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day (16 May) and Gawai Dayak (1 & 2 June) were jointly celebrated in the school on 27 May 2016 with a Mass and assembly. Students came to school in their casual dress (mufti day).

Performances were presented by the students to celebrate Gawai and Teachers’ Day. They were:

  • cultural dance
  • agogo dance
  • modern dance
  • poco-poco dance

On top of that, there was a Kumang/Keling (Iban)-Dayung Sangon/Dari Pogan (Bidayuh)-Keligit/Belawan (Orang Ulu) Costume Pageant. A symbolic ceremony for Gawai celebration called the Tumbuk Padi & Napan Podi was also carried out.

For more photos of the event, click here or on the photo below. Photos were taken by Camillus Hii King Lian (F4ScTheta), Chris Wong Lee Hung (F4ScPhi), Yong Jee Ham (F5ScTheta) and Yong Jee Ning (F1E).