Gratefulness – a reflection on MCO

It’s good to be busy with online classes during MCO.

   To me, I think the coronavirus pandemic has helped Mother Nature. God created the earth not just for humans, but also for other living things. However, over the years, humans have been destroying the earth and nature by polluting it. Now, people are forced to be isolated at home. Factories, industries and other shops are also closed for the community’s safety. Within just a few months, the earth seems to be healing up. I think God is teaching us a lesson: Treat Mother Nature well and Mother Nature will treat you well too.

   Besides that, I think God wants us to be united. By working together and obeying the orders that are given, only then we can beat the virus. God is reminding us that everyone depends on each other: united we stand, divided we fall.

   My parents are doctors so they still need to go to work during MCO period. Luckily, they often only work half a day and will spend time with us for the rest of the day. From this, the coronavirus pandemic has given us time to spend with our families. We carried out a lot of activities that we didn’t have time to do before, such as cleaning the house, exercising together and many more. I feel closer to my family these days.

   Apart from that, I’ve also learned to be grateful. I have not eaten home-cooked lunch for a long time and now I finally got to eat my grandpa’s dishes. This made me appreciate every meal at home, although most of them are the same because I know I wouldn’t get the chance to do so once school reopens.

   Generally, I’ve learned to be more aware of personal hygiene. Before the coronavirus outbreak, I don’t really wash hands that often. But now, practicing personal hygiene is very important to keep ourselves safe. Therefore, I would always keep myself clean even after the virus has slowed down.

   Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has caused me to do things more efficiently. For example, I used to practice playing the piano within a very short amount of time as I always have something else to do. Now that I have way more free time, I would play the piano for half an hour or more by focusing on small details. This helps me as I learn more when playing the piano for a longer period of time.

• Cheryl Wong