Great Chinese Music Camp

On the 2nd to 4th of June, two students, Christabelle Johneva Lee (F4 Phi), Jared Lee, (F4 Alpha) and one teacher, Ms Goh Mey Lih, participated in the 2021 He Yue National Online Chinese Orchestra Music Camp.

“I recently took up Pipa so I thought it would be a great idea to join this camp in order to get more insight into the techniques used and strengthen my basics. The camp was really well organised and had efficient facilitators. The teacher in charge was also really friendly and did not hesitate to answer our inquiries.Most of the practice sessions were quite challenging but thankfully I pulled through. One thing I am grateful for is being able to listen to sharing sessions conducted by highly-acclaimed Chinese orchestra musicians. I have learnt lots from this camp and definitely look forward to it again.”

  • Christabelle Lee

“My experience in He Yue National Online Chinese Orchestra Music Camp was interesting and I did learn quite a few things. Although I am actually not that good with Chinese but it’s still fine since I managed to understand most of the things. It’s a long but nice online camp to participate in.”

  • Jared Lee

“One great takeaway in this camp is that I got to learn how to play high positions with a better tone.
Coming from a violin background, we didn’t need to press too hard on the violin strings because there is a fingerboard. For Erhu we need to put more pressure. And surprisingly, for high positions, the instructor asked me to place a more fleshy part of my finger on the string to get a fuller tone. Right bow hand reduces pressure and moves faster. Left fingers press harder and more.”

  • Goh Mey Lih