Hope Connects – International Leo Day 2020

   The Leo Club is a club specialised in developing leadership skills in youths by participating in community activities: fundraisers, volunteerism and much more. For a Leo Club to be formed, it has to be sponsored by a Lions Club. For instance, our Leo Club of St. Joseph’s Private School (SJPS) is sponsored by the Lions Club of Kuching City.

   Every year, there would be a special event which is more commonly known as International Leo Day Video Contest organised by Lions Club International. This annual event is to connect all Leos around the world from various districts to express gratitude towards the Leos who have been very diligent in their duty to serve the world.

   On 23rd October 2020, the Key Officers of Leo Club SJPS which consists of President Xavier Liao, Vice President Rachelle Jo, Secretary Fredrick Tiong, Treasurer Marcus Kon, Leo Jareth Ho along with Leo Club Advisor Lion Helena Lim and Faculty Advisor Mr. John Yap came together to record a video regarding an event. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, physical interactions had to be prohibited. In order to abide with the rules, the Leos decided to make a video recording with voiceovers. This wasn’t an easy task as scripts, songs, video background had to be prepared to produce a video with quality and meaning.

   However, this did not stop the Key Officers from collaborating in an effort to create the video. After the Key Officers turned in their voice recordings, Leo Jareth together with Lion Helena put together all the voice recording of the Leos with appealing backgrounds. After days of hard work and effort, a well edited and coordinated video was produced.

   This year has been a tough year for not only the Leos, but everyone as the global pandemic has caused a lot of changes in our daily duties.  Thus, it is mandatory for all of us to do what is right in order to overcome this unfortunate event. Through hope and dedication, we strive for the greater good.

Fredrick Tiong

The video can be viewed by clicking the image below.