Ignite! Form 2 Camp

Reflection by Alvin Ngu Zun Ying (F2 Iota)

The recently concluded Form 2 Online Camp 2021 has been an enjoyable and educational experience for me. I learnt to value the importance of teamwork, time management and communication, particularly when I played my role as a Beadle. 

      It was challenging to lead my team as I had never done it before. However, I realised that if I put in effort to ensure good communication among my members, we would always reap success. Otherwise, some would give up along the way. There was division of labour, and both my members and I worked as a team to accomplish all the tasks required on time. 

To conclude, I hope that my school will organise more camps such as these to help us students get to know each other better apart from learning a bit more about ourselves.

Reflection by Genevieve Su Wei Sing (F2 Iota)

       The Form 2 Online Camp was held from 5th to 7th of October, starting from 8:30a.m. to 3:30p.m.. The theme for the camp “Ignite”. All the students involved were divided into 18 groups, with 3 groups from each class and each group was led by a beadle. 

       On the first day of the camp, the students were taught how to build a connection with each other. The speaker, Mr. Benedict Lo, asked us to contribute ideas on how to build a stable bridge with a paper so that two soft toys, the panda and Pikachu could stand on it without collapsing. Eventually, someone came up with a great idea to build a stronger bridge and solved the problem. Besides motivational talks, there were numerous fun activities that were created by the game masters such as “never have I ever…” and “three truths and a lie”. On the second day of the camp, we had a talk show hosted by Ms Vavavoom Viviana. The specially invited guest was Ms Jacquelyn Chan. On that day, the students also participated in the Amazing Race where 18 groups had to race through nine stations to complete tasks and compete for the top 3 places. The third and last day of the camp was mainly for all of us students to spend some time reflecting on what we had learnt from the camp. Other than reflection, the winners for the talk show and other activities as well as the Amazing Race were announced. Iota 2 was the champion for the Amazing Race. At the end of the camp, everyone celebrated by eating their Oreos given in the camp kit as a treat for completing the camp. 

       As a conclusion, I believe the students who participated in this camp gained valuable insight, especially from learning to find a connection with each other to learning about oneself as adolescents. I, for one, had a great and enlightening time.

Reflection by Mark Lauren Loi Kwang Liang (F2 Gamma)

The Form 2 Online Camp was held via Zoom from 5th October to 7th October 2021. It was an amazing and fun experience as I was given the job of a being a Beadle. As a Beadle, I needed to facilitate all the activities and games in the breakout room. It was my first time being a leader for such a big event. Of course, I was nervous at first and afraid that I could not lead my group members properly. Nevertheless, with God’s grace, everything was successful. 

The camp was packed with many fun and exciting activities and games led by teachers and game masters who were students from Form 3 and Form 4. One of the activities was called the Amazing Race, where each group competed with one another for the first place. Many of us were exhausted from the Amazing Race as we had to run around our house looking for the items needed. To me, this race was not just conducted for fun but also for instilling the values of cooperation and teamwork. Without them, nothing can be achieved successfully. Each group also had their own group cheer. Ours was “sama-sama geng geng”. Apart from the entertaining sessions, there was also time for solemn reflection. The main theme for this camp was FGIAT, which stood for “Finding God in All Things”. Father Stanley, our principal, shared his view with us and we, the participants, had to think about an object or experience that was really important to us to share in the Jamboard. At the end of each day, there was a time for journaling and examen where we were asked to reflect on the day and be grateful for everything that God has given us. We wrote everything in our Camp Journal to be kept as memories. On the last day, there was the closing ceremony where all the winners for the games were announced. All the participants had a group photo with our Oreos. 

All in all, this camp has been a good and wonderful experience for me and I have learned many things from it. I am looking forward to the Form 3 Camp next year!

Reflection by Michelle Ting Chiong Sung (F2 Kappa)

The theme for this year’s online camp was “Ignite”, meaning “to catch fire or cause to catch fire”. However, this year’s camp would be more accurately described by the second definition of this word, being “to arouse or inflame, referring to an emotion or situation”, as passions were indeed running high (blazing, if you will) for those three days, despite the screens on our devices that seemed to separate us. 

There were three activities this year that stuck out to me in particular. The slides they had us do on recapping the Josephian’s Day and the media literacy talk, for one, had me reminiscing fondly of those days. Looking over the pictures of those events was almost nostalgic in a way, and though those moments in time have long since passed, it felt as if I were reliving them all over again. The Avatar project was a notable activity as well. Seeing my classmates’ individual interests, our capacity for friendship and connection, the things we love and care for all being brought out by something as simple as a collage of humorous pictures were rather remarkable. Last but definitely not least, it was safe to say that the Amazing Race undoubtedly lived up to its name. The activities were unique and engaging at every station (although I did somehow manage to get lost or left behind at times) and the GTs were endlessly considerate and patient with us. The race against time paired with the competitive spirit heavy in the air made for a phenomenal experience overall. It would probably have done us well to add more bombs in the Minesweeper game though…

This year’s camp, even if it was held online, certainly did not fail to ignite: to ignite passion, the spirit of teamwork, and a feeling of togetherness despite our circumstances. One can only hope that the sparks brought to life by this ignition can be set alight from here on out.