Josephian Day 2021

The illustrious emcees: 6 current students, an alumnus and
a teacher who says she is the oldest Josephian who is still serving in the school.

   For the second year in a row, Josephian Day was held on the last day of the first quarter, that is, Friday, 26 March 2021. This time however, it was done virtually due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19.

The live telecast can still be viewed here.

   The main event was telecast live from 9.00 am until 12.15 pm. There were altogether 8 emcees, namely, 6 current students, an alumnus and a teacher who says she is the oldest Josephian who is still serving in the school. There were recorded videos and performances by students. There was even a meaningful video on the history of the schools named after St Joseph in Kuching with various alumni sharing their nostalgic memories in school.

   You can view the history video here:

A nostalgic recollection down memory lane from some alumni.

   In addition to that, the blessing of St Joseph’s Private Primary School was carried out by Archbishop Simon Poh that morning and shown to the audience via the telecast.

   Online games were held before 26 March and on the day itself. These games were created by the students themselves and they were fun and exciting.

   Since the Primary School and International School had students present physically in school, some activities were carried out in the respective schools. For example, games, colouring competitions, etc.

   Quite a number of food vendors supported Josephian Day by sponsoring prizes, online food order promotion, etc. The emcees had a busy time mentioning them during the telecast.

   This event brought out the many talents of our students, especially in the performances and planning of online games.Ora et Labora – we are proud to be Josephians! •

Various videos by students are below:

SJPSS Chamber Choir Ladies Ensemble sings Part of Your World from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”. Through this song, the young girls hope to bring courage to all the girls out there to encourage them to follow their hearts and not to be afraid of chasing their dreams.
The Sea Shanty (Wellerman) Song by the SJPSS Choir Boys.
This project was initiated by the student themselves including the video editing and recording. Well done boys!
From the SJPSS Chinese Yoyo Club for Josephian Day 2021. Amazing skills!
The video shows the POV of a student walking around the school compound and making a comparison between the pandemic moments when the school is shut and the back to school period where everything is well and lively (by St Joseph’s International School, Kuching).
Watch this beautiful dance choreographed by our Ballet Club. Well done girls, so graceful and magical.