Mother’s Day 2020 during MCO

Students describe in a few sentences what they are going to do / have done for their mothers at home for Mother’s Day 2020 during Movement Control Order (MCO).

Mother’s Day is on 10 May 2020. It’s on this coming Sunday. I am very excited and I am going to make a Mother’s Day card for her. I will try not to make her angry and listen to her. Due to the Corona Virus and the lock down, we are unable to go out to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. Instead, I will make her breakfast with a cup of hot Nestum with oats, which is her favourite drink and a hard boil egg. In the afternoon, we will watch a movie while eating our favourite chips, Cheese Roller Coaster, I miss spending time with my mother. I love her very much.


For this year’s mothers’ day, I’ve planned to bake a cake for my mom as she loves cakes very much. 


It’s almost Mother’s Day. Even though I’m pilled with a lot of homework, I will try my best to use most of my time to hang out with my mother. With my courage, I will try cooking with my mom, even if it means cutting my hand or even burning myself a little. With my lovingness, I will show mom love by hugging and kissing her, or even if it means just saying the three words “I love you” to her. With my gratefulness, I will repay her by giving her half of my savings, or even the rest of it; but with my heart, I will not repay her with money, I will repay her by showing gratefulness. And most importantly, Mom, I will repay you with my life, sacrificing myself for you. I love you, Mom.

-Jie Hao

My mother always loves to gather my drawings together and this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day! So, I drew a few drawings of Toothless and the light fury from the How to Train Your Dragon movie. On Sunday, I will give my mother the drawings and help her to do chores such as sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, mopping the floor and many more. At night, we will play some board games or we can find something to watch together. I hope she will enjoy this special day as this day is meant for her. I love my mother very much.


What I will do for my mother:

1. I will help my mother to wash the dishes.

2. I will help my mother to mop the floor.

3. I will give my mother a present.

4. I will help my mother to take care of my brother.

5. I will give my mother a hug.


For Mother’s Day, I helped my mother to do some household chores such as folding the clothes, washing the dishes and so on. I also helped my mother to cook lunch.

-Dao Yuan

I would like to make a Mother’s Day card for my mother. I would also design it nicely.


Cooking for her, giving her a gift and spending time with her.


I drew a picture of my mom on Saturday but my brother turned the drawing into a paper boat the next morning, which was on Mother’s Day! I told my brother about the drawing of mom and he quickly cropped the drawing out. 

In the afternoon, I helped mom make Kek Batik. I followed mom’s instruction to break the Marie biscuits, combine them with chocolate and prepare the baking paper before pouring the mixture into the pan. 

We ate the cake after dinner and it was delicious!


In the morning, I baked a butter cake secretly for both my mother and grandmother. After two hours of hard work,  I was done. I then studied for 3 hours. Meanwhile, my dad also secretly made chicken biryani. It was delicious. When dad was done, I made icing for the cake. To represent Mother’s Day, it was pink. I smeared it on the cake. I sprinkled some sprinkles on it. I then called my aunt to wish her. After that, I coloured some caster sugar and flour with blue food colouring. We then wrote “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!” It was night. My mother and grandmother cut the cake after doing our evening prayers and singing happy Mother’s Day. We then had our dinner. It was really delicious. After eating, I wrote a Mother’s Day card. I gave it to my mother and grandmother. I then slept at 12.00 p.m. Before sleeping, I wished my mother and grandmother happy Mother’s Day for the last time. It was a great day.


To be honest, I didn’t really do anything on Mother’s Day. I was doing lots of revision for the coming tests but that didn’t mean I did not say “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom.  But, I am pretty sure she is happy with me doing my own revision. That night , she tried a burger recipe and it turned out great . Although the meat wasn’t the right size for the buns but it tasted like no other burger that I have eaten, it was the best! I definitely cannot find any burger like that outside in the world. It was a pretty amazing Mother’s Day for me, I mean, how many people get to say that they have homemade food for Mother’s Day?


My sister and I prepared a breakfast-in-bed for my mother. We woke up at 6 am and cooked baked potatoes, sunny-side-up eggs and bacon for the queen of the day. We also ordered a fancy meal for her with our dad’s money because we were both broke. We ended the celebration by eating the exquisite meal while watching “The Bodyguard.”