Our Breakthrough

   On August 31, 2021, the Chinese Music Club hosted its most extravagant online programme yet. We organised a virtual exchange programme with Chung Hua Middle School No. 1, one of the most well-renowned Chinese orchestra groups in Sarawak. The number of participants totalled at a whopping 91 persons, including students and teachers.

    The exchange programme was a big eye opener for the members of SJPS’ newly established Chinese Music Club. It was a valuable experience to be networking with a Chinese orchestra that has been established since 1976. The members of the Chinese Music Club also enjoyed an insightful speech given by the teacher-in-charge of CHMS No. 1 Chinese Orchestra, Ms Amelyn Bong, who is a very successful musician and radio host at Tea FM.

   The camp would not have been a success without the genius masterminds, that is, our beloved camp committee, who took the effort to organise such a wonderful day.

   Most importantly, we owe a big thank you to our committed President, Tiaw Yi Shan and Vice President, Marshall Chee. This accomplished year would not have been possible without their blood, sweat, and tears.

   As a reminder of all our advancement we have had as a club throughout the years, you can check out a music project produced by Marshall Chee, titled “告白气球”, a popular Chinese pop song written by Jay Chou.

   To all our Form 5 seniors, we are indebted to you all. We will always be reminded of your delightful presence in our weekly meetings. Lastly, good luck in your mock exams and upcoming SPM! May all these be your treasurable memories of breakthrough during your teenage years.

Christabelle Johneva Lee