SJIS Class of 2020 Graduation – With a Twist!

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“Group photos” taken in the form of a screen shot of the graduates
with Brother Robert Teoh, FMS, principal of SJIS.

16th of January 2021 records a new milestone for St. Joseph’s International School (SJIS) as she celebrates the graduation of her first cohort of Year 11 students, Class of 2020. This inaugural event is the first Year 11 Graduation Ceremony ever held in the school. It is also the first graduation ceremony in St. Joseph’s Family of Schools to be formally celebrated online.

Originally planned for the 20th of November 2020, the physical graduation was eventually converted to online due to the much deliberated precaution that came with the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to comply with government implemented SOPs.

Even though the ceremony took on a virtual premise, the preparation and the purpose of the event were by no means diluted to celebrate the students’ completion of high school education and to mark their step forward towards higher education.

On this day of history, 40 out of 45 graduates, families, teachers and school administrators were in attendance. Besides that, two classes of 2021 senior students also participated in the ceremony. Isabella Yii and Samuel Ryan Sim of 2021 Year 11 Blue recited the pledge to honour and uphold the responsibility of carrying forward the Josephian motto of prayer and labour as well as setting a good example for their fellow schoolmates in the lower secondary levels.

The event kicked off with the singing of the National and State Anthems, followed by an opening prayer of thankfulness recited by Brother John Emil Alada, FMS. Mr. Christopher Chua, CEO of the St. Joseph’s Family of Schools then gave a very uplifting and positive speech, congratulating and wishing the graduates well. Brother Robert Teoh, FMS, principal of SJIS also addressed the graduates with motivational and inspiring words.

The event continued with the presentation of certificates. Students dressed in their regular uniforms and donned with graduation stoles lifted their scrolls to face their cameras when their names were announced, to be viewed by all online attendees. There were also video presentations of their events and activities as well as farewell messages from teachers who have taught them. The online ceremony concluded with the reverent singing of the School Rally – Children of St. Joseph’s, followed by a group photo session, which was done by taking a screenshot of the graduates.

St. Joseph’s International School’s 1st Year 11 Graduation concluded with a tangible sense of achievement among the graduates and undoubtedly, it was also a new and interesting experience for all participants who were involved. Despite the uncertainty and caution brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, the support and spirit of togetherness shown by the graduates, parents, sponsors and donors to this hallmark event have made it a reality albeit a virtual one. A special word of thanks goes to the major sponsor, MMS Education Group for sponsoring the stage which provided the backdrop for the photoshoot. The whole community of St. Joseph’s International School would like to express thanks and gratitude to all parties who have made this event a reality. Indeed, the graduation is a milestone in the growth and development of St. Joseph’s Family of School as a group of holistic educational institutes.

Congratulations, Class of 2020! Ora et Labora •