SJPS Concert Band wins 2 Golds, 1 Silver; bags Junior Mixed Ensemble and Junior Percussion Ensemble Category Champion

   Over the last December holidays, our SJPS Concert Band students were working hard recording their performance for Malaysia International Virtual Band Championships (MIVBC) 2020. Preparation for the competition started earlier since October when Band Director, Mr. Wilson Tan started to rehearse the musical selections for the competition.

   Early December, we started our recording session as the nature of the competition is done virtually due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We did multiple rounds of recording as to be able to get the best quality recording out. After all recordings were done, our Band Director Mr. Tan proceeded with the editing process to piece all individual recordings together into a single production. The whole process took a couple of weeks.

   The championship which boasted a total of more than 1500 performers from 17 different countries was one of the biggest virtual band competitions around this region. All in all, we participated in 2 categories with 3 ensembles. Our ensembles were SJPS Wind Ensemble (Mixed Ensemble), SJPS Percussion Quartet (Percussion Ensemble) and Snare Duo (Percussion Ensemble). The Premiere Show was broadcasted live on Facebook on 31 December 2020 and the results were announced at 12:00 am on 1 January 2021. Below are our results from the championship:

(Score: 87.75)

(Score: 84.75)

(Score: 87.00)

Note: To achieve Gold Award, participant(s) must achieve a minimum score of 85.00

“We practised every day and had rehearsals through Zoom. We only met physically during the recording. During the recording, we were nervous so we kept making mistakes and that caused us to take a long time to record. After the results came out I was happy and grateful for everyone’s efforts.”

• Rowena Chang

“I am very proud of our performance during the competition as we have worked hard and gotten great results. As the President of the band, I am proud of our band members for cooperating together to achieve this success together. I hope that we will get better as we progress further in life and in band.“

Megan Thien

“I am glad that my instructor Mr. Tan put me in this competition. I’ve learned a lot of interesting things and gain experiences from this competition such as teamwork. I felt that all the hard work paid off after seeing what we achieved in this competition.”

Paris Wong