SJPSS Escapade 2021 #samasamaescapadelah

  On Friday, 8 October 2021, our school organised a day of fun in the new norm for our students and teachers. Our event was an online event called Escapade. It was organised so our students and teachers can have fun together and break free from our hectic daily schedule. The event lasted from 9 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. It was filled with activities such as games, workshops and competitions organised by teachers and students alike! 

   We had a live streaming via YouTube and we used the Zoom platform for our workshops and games. Each activity was conducted in different breakout rooms. After the opening prayer by Fr Stanley Goh, SJ, we started with the first slot consisting of 10 activities! Students have proven their abilities in organising events alongside their teachers in conducting psychological first aid, 3D Modelling Software, Movie Time!, Harry Potter Trivia,, Call of Duty Mobile, Valorant, Spyfall, The Choir Escape and finally a workshop conducted by our former principal, Fr Francis, SJ, Cultural Madonna and Child. 

   Our emcees had a contest of their own as they were in their Escapade costume wearing hats and shades as well as face masks aligned to the Escapade beach theme #samasamaescapadelah. Three Starbucks cards were won by Neo Zheng Pin (F4 Theta), Ariana Seyra and Chiew Yih Chun (F2 Kappa) for guessing the correct identity of our emcees who had kept it hidden or had tried to – at least! 

   Our viewers were also entertained by beautiful performances by the Young Innovators’ Club, Big Fish performance by the Chinese Music Club, a solo piano performance by our talented student, Jayden Tristan Wong who played ‘A Dandelion’s Promise,’ a song by Jay Chou, and we were mesmerized by the Wushu performance shown by our very own SJPS Wushu Club members featuring their moves. There were other performances as well between the games and workshop slots such as the graceful Melanau Dance performed by our Cultural Dance Club and the beautiful melodious performance by our String Ensemble group. One of the performances which featured the funny side of our mundane online classrooms was a comedy performed by the Girls’ Brigade showing the types of students during online class featuring our teacher, Ms Felicia, as the main star. 

   Our second slot consisted of a Morse Code workshop, a Photo-Taking workshop, and a variety of games i.e Osu!,, How Well Do You Know, Mafia gg, Killer Game, Buzz Mini Games, and MiGoreng Grand Prix which had huge viewers! The students were seen gulping 2-3 packets of Mi Goreng which made viewers hungry! Other activities such as Bread Making with the Principal, Mukbang! Mukbang!, Unwind & Rewind, Gimkit:, Lion Dance Quiz, Valorant (unrated), Online Chess Tournament, Virtual Race Challenge, Betrayal and Treasure Hunt have proven that we can play as well as we study! It was truly a well-deserved break for everyone!

   The highlight of the event was Teachers vs Students (PUBG Mobile) where they battled against each other. The one-hour activity showed the student group triumphed against their teachers!  It was a healthy competition, and teachers accepted their defeat with pride, and students got to showcase their talent and be the stars of the event! The pre-recorded performances ensured that we adhere to the strict SOP due to the current situation, but nevertheless, we can never get tired of watching our talented students! 

   All in all, the event was a success, and it was fun and exciting where we are truly blessed to have such an event where we can channel our creativity and skills online. Although we suffered hiccups along the way with technical problems, in live events like this, the amazing Escapade organising team had managed to pull through while pulling our hair and laughed out loud at the same time. We ended our event with a closing prayer by our school Principal and the school rally that followed. 

   Kudos to all students and teachers, and most importantly a shout out to our brilliant Escapade team! #samasamaescapadelah

What our students say…

   The experience was really fun and eye-opening. I had the opportunity to organise an activity with my seniors and I learnt a lot from them. Before the third game started, my friends encouraged me to guess the two teachers who were emceeing and so I did. Surprisingly, I was the third lucky winner. It was so exciting! All in all, I had an amazing time. I am so happy that I got the chance to learn and have fun at the same time. and I am grateful that our school decided to organise this activity and I hope that the school will organise events like this again. –Chiew Yih Chun (F2 Kappa)

   I think Escapade was an amazing activity. This is because it enables teachers and students to bond together and have a fun day of games, without stress. During the Escapade there were some difficulties but despite it, all still had fun. I think the most amusing part was of course the emcees. They made the show funny, and it was nicely planned. There were also workshops to join such as bread making with the Principal led by our Principal Fr. Stanley. Overall, I enjoyed myself very much and I hope that next year we have a chance to do this again physically. –Ariana Seyra (F2 Kappa)

   Overall, the Escapade online event was better than I expected it to be. I believe that the Escapade event was a success because there were lots of interesting competitions such as Mi Goreng Grand Pix and Osu which were organised successfully. I was a little nervous at first because it was the first time I did streaming for a friendly match event between teachers and students. Although there were some unexpected issues, the event still went smoothly. I would like to give an appreciation to all teachers and students who took part in the Escapade online event as organisers. It was an unforgettable experience for me in my school career. –Daniel Wong Sheng Liang (F4 Theta)

   Recently,our school held an Escapade for both the teachers and the students to enjoy and kick back after a long year of online classes. I took the opportunity to participate in it too as I had just finished my Mock Exam. 
There were three sessions, filled with many different activities for everyone to participate and try out. For my first session I joined “Movie Time!”. The movie played was called “Into the Forest of Fireflies”. I really loved it as it was both captivating and touching. Following that I joined It was very exciting as we all tried to be the fastest in guessing the object being drawn on the board. We took turns drawing for everyone to guess. It was somewhat fast paced as we all tried to finish our drawings in the time limit. Lastly but certainly not the least, I joined the “Mukbang! Mukbang!” event where we competed with each other to finish our food the fastest. Ms Judith, our teacher, and she is also one of the teachers in charge of the Home Science Club, even came and competed with us; whereas our energetic host commented on our progress as she cheered us on. Several teachers and friends also came to show their support.
Overall, I had a lot of fun that day, and I can certainly say that it was a day well spent. I look forward to joining other events such as this one. –Ivan Then Tze Fong (F5 Delta)

   It was very entertaining! I watched a lot of teachers and students showing off their hidden skills on that day. The most memorable part for me on that day was when I competed in the eating challenge. I remember we had to cook 3 packs of Mi Goreng (for male students, 2 packs for female students) and finished all of them as fast as we could. At last, I was lucky enough to get third place in the challenge. Hopefully we can have another event like this soon in the future. –Neo Zheng Pin (F4 Theta)

  Pada hari Jumaat yang lalu 8 Oktober 2021, Sekolah Menengah Swasta St Joseph telah mengadakan program “Sama-sama Escapade lah!”. Tujuan program ini diadakan adalah untuk menjalinkan dan mengeratkan hubungan silaturahim antara guru dan pelajar. Para murid dan guru perlu menekan pautan Zoom untuk menyertai pelbagai permainan, ataupun menonton aktiviti yang disiarkan melalui aplikasi Youtube. Pelbagai aktiviti, bengkel dan pertandingan yang dianjurkan oleh guru dan pelajar. Hadiah istimewa juga diberikan kepada sesiapa yang dapat meneka nama pengacara majlis dengan betul.
Saya berasa amat teruja dan gembira kerana dapat bermain bersama-sama rakan sebaya. Aktiviti yang paling saya sukai ialah cabaran makan dan minum yang dipanggil “Mukbang! Mukbang!” Murid-murid perlu bersaing untuk makan serta minum dan sesiapa yang paling pantas akan menjadi pemenang. Walaupun saya tidak menyertai aktiviti ini, tetapi saya berasa amat seronok melihat kegembiraan rakan-rakan yang menyertai pertandingan ini dan makanan yang ditunjukkan oleh mereka sedap belaka.
Cadangan saya, sistem pendaftaran rasanya tidak perlu kerana banyak murid yang ingin bermain tidak dapat bermain hanya kerana mereka tidak sempat untuk mendaftar. Mungkin ada di antara  mereka sudah mula belajar bermain sebelum ini dan berusaha untuk menang hanya kerana ingin menyertai pertandingan pada hari tersebut. Pada pandangan saya, semua murid berhak untuk menyertai aktiviti yang telah disediakan sepanjang Escapade diadakan. Oleh itu, pihak penganjur seharusnya memikirkan satu cara untuk memudahkan pendaftaran permainan ini atau menambahkan sesi dan masa bagi permainan yang sama. 
Kesimpulannya, diharap SJPSS Escapade 2021 akan dijalankan dengan aktiviti yang serupa pada masa yang akan datang. Semua peserta menikmati masa Escapadelah bersama-sama. –Cheryl Wong Xuan Xuan (F2 Eta)

   Program Escapade ialah aktiviti yang julung kali diadakan oleh Sekolah Menengah Swasta St Joseph melalui aplikasi Zoom dan Youtube. Pada hari tersebut, kami berasa amat seronok dan tenang dengan menyertai aktiviti yang dianjurkan. Sepanjang hari tersebut, pelbagai aktiviti yang menarik telah diadakan untuk para peserta. Aktiviti yang paling menarik ialah permainan PUBG. Perlawanan untuk permainan ini boleh disertai oleh guru-guru dan murid-murid.    Secara keseluruhan, Program Escapade ini memberikan  peluang untuk saya berseronok bersama-sama rakan-rakan serta mengukir kenangan yang manis dengan menyertai aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh pihak sekolah secara dalam talian. –Daphne Ngu Dai Ning (F2 Eta)