SJPSS & LNSS Choir Exchange 2021

   During the school holidays, an online choir exchange programme was organised between St Joseph’s Private Secondary School and Lodge National Secondary School on the 4th of June 2021. About 50 participants from both schools attended this programme, together with the teachers in charge, which are Mr Benedict Lo and Mr Anthony Wong.

   Our exchange programme started with an introduction led by the president of the choir club from each school, which are Irwin Fong from SJPSS and Elysa Lee from LNSS. After that we had some ice breaking activities such as introducing and saying a few things about ourselves and song guessing which was led by our game master, Bryan Eng from SJPSS.

   After that, there was a workshop led by Mr Benedict. He taught everyone the basics of music such as the curwen hand signs and the rhythm syllable systems so that we can read music easier. After the workshop, we had a sharing session from both schools about the activities we had done as a club. Next, we continued our sharing session in breakout rooms to get to know each other better. This concluded the end of the exchange programme.

   The purpose of this exchange programme is to create a good bonding between choir members from each school and have fun. We also hope to strengthen their passion for music. The teachers and committee members from both schools did a very good job in leading a successful exchange programme. Therefore, we hope to have another exchange programme like this in the future.

Olivia Lau