SJPSS Principal Handover

   Fr. Francis Lim, SJ relinquished his position as the Principal of St Joseph’s Private Secondary School on 30 September 2021 after a service of ten years or so. The baton has been passed to Fr. Stanley Goh, SJ.

   The Jesuit Regional Superior of Malaysia-Singapore Region (MAS), Fr. Christopher Soh, SJ missioned Fr. Francis Lim, SJ to work in the Jesuit Regional Curia in Singapore.  The Jesuit Regional Curia is the headquarters of the Jesuits in Malaysia and Singapore. This was an urgent mission that required Fr. Francis’ presence in the Curia as soon as possible.

   Fr. Francis was Principal from June 2012 up to September 2021 with a sabbatical year in 2018 when he went for tertianship, a Jesuit programme several years after priestly ordination.

   Fr. Stanley is a Jesuit from Singapore and is no stranger to St. Joseph’s Private Secondary School. Between 2014 and 2016, while he was still in formation for the priesthood, he taught English and Mathematics while working with the school camps and the performing arts. He brings with him experience of teaching, curriculum development and administration from secondary schools to the university level. And having taught in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines, he also brings a global perspective to the school and the education that we offer. His academic background includes a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Master Degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Education.

  The school would like to thank Fr. Francis for his contribution to the school as the Principal of St. Joseph’s Private Secondary School, and wish him all the best in his new assignment at the Jesuit MAS Curia in Singapore. •