32 straight A students in SPM 2019

Well done to all alumni who have achieved good results in SPM 2019. They have worked very hard to achieve such good results. Congratulations and thanks to all teachers who have educated them from Form One until Form Five. Academic result is only one of the many aspects of a wholistic education. Those who did not score so well are talented in other fields, eg performing arts, sports, soft skills, competition achievements, etc. In St Joseph’s Private School, it is a wholistic education beyond the ordinary.

Top Scorers – Straight A

1              Michelle Then Xin Yi  10A+, 2A

2              Alicia Lau Han Xi  10A+, 1A

3              Joshua Su Jiun Quan  10A+, 1A-

4              Wendy Wong Kee Xuan  9A+, 1A

5              Lisa Hii Wei Zhen  8A+, 3A

6              Cassandra Ho Kai Ting 8A+, 1A

7              Syndy Liew Pei Xin   8A+, 1A

8              Alison Lee Yeuh Chii   7A+, 2A, 1A-

9              Tara Jane Bhasker   7A+, 2A, 1A-

10           Lau Sau Ong   6A+, 4A, 1A-

11           Jonathan Tan Lian Jun  6A+, 4A

12           Dorothy Chang Shu Wen  6A+, 3A

13           Surin A/L Pubalan   6A+, 3A

14           Andrea Ling Xing Eng   6A+, 2A, 2A-

15           Alyssa Rebecca Ng Tian Yii   6A+, 2A, 1A-

16           Moses Yek Wee Yang   5A+, 4A, 2A-

17           Michael Hii   5A+, 4A, 1A-

18           Noel Lim Ting Ming  5A+, 4A, 1A-

19           Beatrix Chung Sze Ee  5A+, 3A, 1A-

20           Geraldine Lau Ke Xiu  5A+, 3A, 1A-

21           Joshua Ngieng Jiun Ong   5A+, 3A, 1A-

22           Wong Chee Hui 5A+, 2A, 2A-

23           Darren Lee Kah Jun  4A+, 4A, 1A-

24           Sairam Narayanan   4A+, 4A, 1A-

25           Charmaine Lai Shien Shing   4A+, 3A, 2A

26           Natasha Siaw Zhi Xuan  4A+, 3A, 2A-

27           Chin Chun Yin  4A+, 2A, 3A-

28           Samuel Chin Swin Sik   3A+, 5A, 4A-

29           Darren Wong Sheng Hong   3A+, 5A, 2A-

30           Phoebe Tsai En Ting   3A+, 4A, 3A-

31           Terrance Chai Zheng Zhe    3A+, 4A, 3A-

32           Melvin Ng Zhang Cheng   2A+, 2A, 5A-

Top Scorers – All subjects A with one B

1              Jason Chen Tze Sheng   4A+, 2A, 2A-, 1B+

2              Donald Ho Guan Hui   4A, 4A-, 1B

3              Sherlene Tiang Eik Tin  3A+, 5A, 1B+

4              Ignatius Bong Chun Jie  3A+, 4A, 1A-, 1B

5              Claudia Tan  3A+, 3A, 3A-, 1B+

6              Darren Sie Chuan En  2A+, 3A, 4A-, 1B+

7              Carmen Kong Jia Wen  2A+, 3A, 3A-, 1B+

8              Glenn Yong Hua Zhe  1A+, 5A, 2A-, 1B+

9              Edward Kong Qi Heng  1A+, 3A, 4A-, 1B+

10           Weldon Lai Wuei Hong 1A+, 3A, 4A-, 1B+

11           Sofea Jimos  1A+, 2A, 5A-, 1B+

12           Alysha Rendi Anak Ringah  1A+, 2A, 4A-, 1B+

Gred Purata Sekolah (GPS) = 2.85

Total number of students = 166 + 1 Calon Berkeperluan Khas

Below is the list of subjects with percentage of pass and percentage of students achieving A = A+, A and A-

Bahasa Melayu 100% pass, 36.6% A

English Language 100% pass, 90.7% A

Mathematics 100% pass, 81.2% A

Science 100% pass, 77.3% A

English Literature 100% pass, 100% A

Pendidikan Seni Visual 100% pass, 65.2% A

Perniagaan 100% pass, 10.0% A

Physics 100% pass, 41.3% A

Bahasa Cina 100% pass, 58.7% A

Pendidikan Moral 98.8% pass, 43.3% A

Sejarah 98.8% pass, 57.5% A

Additional Mathematics 95.6% pass, 43.5% A

Prinsip Perakaunan 80.0% pass, 21.6% A

Ekonomi 67.7% pass, 3.2% A

Chemistry 99.3% pass, 44.3% A

Bible Knowledge 97.9% pass, 48.7% A