St Joseph’s Private School is the winner of HELP University’s Asian Secondary School Online English Debate Challenge 2021

   Three of our students participated in the HELP University’s annual Asian Secondary School Online English Debate Challenge from the 9th to 11th of July 2021. The team which is made up of Kieran Paul Bhasker (F5 Theta), Jordon Lai Qi Hao (F4 Phi) and Edmund Wong Li Hong (F4 Phi) emerged as the winning team among 40 contesting teams from 24 schools. The three-day event, which included eight rounds of competitions, was conducted virtually because of the pandemic. During the three days, although it was done virtually, our team worked very hard at trainings.

   As the opposition team in the final round against Chinese International School from Hong Kong, we won on a 5-4 split. The motion was ‘Assuming reasonably sufficient access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), this house believes that it is morally legitimate for healthcare workers to opt out of treating patients during a pandemic’.

   One of our debaters, Edmund Wong, who was the leader of the team, was also the ‘Final’s Best Speaker’. The champion team received the ‘Challenge Trophy’ which is retainable for one year, a plaque and cash prize of RM3,000 for the school, 4 trophies and certificates for the team and partial scholarships tenable in the HELP Group worth RM12,000 for each team member.


   It has been a long and arduous journey for the three of us, barely breaking after two devastating losses in the preliminary rounds. I’m glad we managed to pull through and prove that all these months of training were not in vain. This is the culmination of efforts from our teachers, coaches, and ourselves in improving as debaters and as human beings. Thank you everyone for being supportive and caring all the way, cheesy as it is, without all these we wouldn’t have done this today.
– Edmund Wong

   Joining this tournament was honestly a pretty stressful decision considering that it is an international competition. Fortunately for us, we were given the opportunity to train with many different schools all across Malaysia under our coach. We honestly did not expect to do that well as all of our opponents were really good debaters but surprisingly, we managed to bring back the champion title. It was a fun experience and I am definitely looking forward to joining more tournaments.
– Jordon Lai

   We really enjoyed our time while participating in this competition while we were able to meet new people from various backgrounds and communities. We are really grateful for the support of our family, friends and especially our Debate Club teacher, Ms Florence Tan, for her support and guidance and our debate coach, Mdm Shireen Ali, for imparting her knowledge to us for the past few months. We are also grateful to the school for giving us the opportunity to participate in this competition to improve our debating skills and to make the school proud.
– Kieran Paul Bhasker