Time to Learn – a reflection on Movement Control Order (MCO)

   During this recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, the government has issued a MCO (Movement Control Order) which is an order that restricts all movement. We as the citizens of Malaysia have to stay at home and are not allowed to go outside other than to buy groceries. This is also happening all over the world, as an attempt to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

   Due to this MCO, I, as a student, am not allowed to go to school or my music lessons. Even though I am a Catholic, I am not allowed to go to church. However, I still go for online Masses every weekend. I believe that in this time of panic, we should remain steadfast and not give up on our beliefs or our religion.

   As Christians, we believe that we should remain loyal and kind to others, and love our family members and friends. Even throughout this movement control, I stay in contact with my friends to see how they are doing.

   Although this MCO encompasses social distancing, it is an opportunity to bond and spend time with my family. Usually during a normal day, I barely get time to spend time with my family. I’ve always been so busy with my school and music and other activities that I don’t have much time with my family. Although I still have a lot of homework, I still get more time with my family.

   During the MCO, I have had a lot of time to think about myself and the kind of person that I want to be. I have been told that I have quite a few bad qualities that I have to change. So, throughout this MCO, I will work hard to become a better and correct the qualities that I should change, for example, procrastination.

   Thanks to this movement restriction, I have been able to think about the things that really matter, not materialistic things, but things that will actually make an impact in my life. I have learnt to be grateful. I have learnt to be grateful for the things that I usually complain about, like my brother being talkative. Now I’m grateful to have someone to talk to. I am also grateful and proud to be a Christian. I’m thankful to have something to believe in. although here in Malaysia, the cases aren’t as bad as other more major countries. I am worried. I know that out there in other countries such as Italy and America, people are dying like flies. I’m just worried that people I know will go. I know that they are going to a better place but I feel sorry for their families.

   I know that this Covid-19 pandemic is a growing problem. That’s why the government decided to give out this movement control order. But despite the circumstances, I still believe that we should make the most out of this rest period. This pandemic isn’t going to go away just like that. Even after this movement control order is over, even after a year, this coronavirus is still going to be here. That is the reality of the situation.

   In conclusion, I believe that we should take this time to bond with our family, we should stand strong and firm in our beliefs and most importantly, we should be grateful for all the little things in our life.

• Abigail Kiim