Trust in God, Time with Family and Self-discipline – a reflection on time spent in the home during MCO

Coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide spread of a new disease. Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic due to the global spread and severity of the disease. The coronavirus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The disease can cause illness and even death.

Spiritual values that I learnt are in whatever situation, be it happy or difficult times, I must put my trust in God. I believe that God will always look after me and protect me. I pray to God every day for my own and family protection against the pandemic. I also learnt that we should also not forget to pray for the safety of others especially the frontline workers who are working so hard and tirelessly to ensure the pandemic can be curbed and looking after those who are infected by the disease such as doctors, nurses, police personnel, army and many others. We as a family also pray together for those who are suffering from this disease so that they can recover fast. Not forgetting, we do also pray that God will give patience to those who cannot work to earn a living because of Movement Control Order and may aid and assistance reach them.

During the Movement Control Order, I learnt family values. During this time, we can get closer to each other, understand and appreciate each other more and show that we care about each other. We have more time to spend together and doing family activities such as watching movies, cooking desserts, and sometimes my parents and my older siblings help me with my studies and online assignments. My siblings and I also divide house chores to make sure the house is always clean and tidy. I learnt that everybody has his or her own responsibilities at home. We need to cooperate and be considerate with each other when it comes to family matters.

Last but not least, I also learnt personal values during this pandemic. I learnt to be more disciplined. I learnt how to divide my time for homework assigned by the teachers, house chores and leisure. I make sure that I complete the assignments given by my teacher on time or earlier as I know my education is the most important for my future. I also learnt to be law abiding by adhering to rules during the Movement Control Order. This will help me to grow as a good and responsible citizen.

Anjelika David