Visit and contribution of face masks to SCCS

   On the 2nd of October 2021, Mr. John, Lion Helena and I, Michael Wong visited Sarawak Children Cancer Society (SCCS) to complete our donation project to SCCS. This was a joint project with SM Lodge and they had gone ahead of us in the morning to send over the goods they had collected such as Milo, dishwasher detergent and other necessities. The contribution we made was from the club’s project fund amounting to RM556.00 in the form of 40 boxes of medical face masks for both adult and children.
   We arrived at SCCS at 2.15 p.m. There, Mr. John and I took out the boxes to be donated and left them in their storage area. We met Madam Bibi Norfaziela, the caretaker and person-in-charge of the facility. The three of us began to chat with her and learn more about how they carried out their activities.

   Madam Bibi told us about the services they provide for children with cancer. They offered services such as emotional support, accommodation, financial and medical aid, education and advocacy as well as recreational activities. According to Madam Bibi, all of the services provided are free of charge as an effort to help the families who are staying there. They get their funding mainly from the GoBald donations and partially from the government to be able to afford providing a place for the families. The lives of several families who are outstation or coming to Kuching for the General Hospital treatments are also made easier as the facility provides a hassle-free and quick solution to accommodation.

   There are facilities in place such as multiple rooms for the families who are staying there, kitchen and cutlery for the adults to provide meals for the children who have strict diets because of their condition; and even a playground and a large open field for the children to exercise and have fun in. They also provide transportation to the General Hospital in case the kids need immediate check-ups and treatment.
   By 2.45 p.m., we have learnt much more about how things are being carried out at SCCS. Satisfied and happy, we received informative pamphlets as well as a thank-you note for the contribution we have made and bid our farewells.

   At the end of the visit, I have learnt much more about the efforts that organizations like these are making to provide a better life and happier future for the less fortunate and I am determined that we as a club can also contribute to make young lives better and hopeful.

The Leo Club Motto is “Leadership, Experience, Opportunity.”
Where there is a NEED, there is a LEO.

Michael Wong Joo Jia (F4 Phi)