Winning with the Bible

   For the first time ever, the Bible Knowledge (BK) quiz organised by the Malayan Christian Schools’ Council (MCSC) annually was held online this year due to the pandemic Covid-19.

   In the 24th National SPM BK Quiz 2020, there were three teams from St Joseph’s Private School representing Kuching region in the finals (oral) on 1 August 2020, namely Justin Chong and Jaypheth Balang, Chong Jia Chern and Sean Tan, and Bethany Chan and Renee Ling. Bethany and Renee were the Kuching Regional champions winning the Brother Albinus O’Flaherty Challenge Trophy on 18 July 2020.

Jia Chern and Sean Tan garnered second place with just 1.5 marks shy of the first placing which was won by SMK (L) Methodist Kuala Lumpur with 82.5 marks. Justin and Jaypheth managed to secure fifth placing.

   Overall there were 13 teams taking part in the finals from all over Malaysia, namely teams representing the regions of Miri-Sibu, Sabah, North, South and Central Peninsular Malaysia.

   The guest of honour was YB Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, the Deputy Minister of Education. He gave a short speech at the beginning of the quiz.

   He stressed that education is not only about seeking knowledge and information, but learning to become wise. And what better way to become wise than to study the Holy Bible.

    With the study of the Bible, each student is called to receive the spiritual foundation to become a person of good moral character which is a basic tenet of our Rukun Negara. Equipped with all this, students will be able to impact the world with positive changes and put into practice the second commandment to love one’s neighbour as oneself.

   He further emphasised that the Ministry of Education is happy to work with NGOs like MCSC to help our students become well-rounded persons with holistic education. Prior to this, the semi-finals were held on 18 July 2020 with multiple choice questions (MCQ) online. Prelude to that, the BK20 Quiz was also held online on 27 June 2020. All participants who took the National SPM BK Oral Quiz have to take BK20 as a prerequisite.

Thank you to the hard working teacher advisors and invigilators led by Mr Benedict Lo. They were Fr Joseph Ng, SJ, Mr Jerome Lim and Ms Nancy Ong. •