Wushu Live Performance during Josephian Day

From left to right: Louis Liaw, Kong Wen Haw, Maybelle Lee, Lydia Ngieng

   On the occasion of Josephian Day, the St Joseph’s Family of Schools organised a variety of events online and offline, which included online games and live performances. Members of the schools actively participated in this special programme in spite of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

   In cooperation with the production team, St Joseph’s Private Secondary School Wushu Club had its second performance live in the school. It was also the only live performance on that day. The team consists of Lydia Ngieng (F5PH), Maybelle Lee (F5DE), Louis Liaw (F2RH) and Kong Wen Haw (F1OM).

   The performance included 3 basic principles of Wushu, namely the Hand Basic, Chang Quan Basics 1 and 2. Maybelle Lee added an extra touch to the performance by performing Chi Chu and Chang Quan Group B. Kong Wen Haw, too, performed solo on Nan Quan and Nan Dao.

Aida Wong