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Cast of 2017

Bunker scene in Burma – Norman Wong Kee Wei played James Brooke

Marcus Ho Hao Xiang as Pangiran Indera Mahkota in his palace

Tristan Tan Yong Chuen as Thomas Williamson, the assistant to James Brooke dancing the local Iban dance

Gerald Kiing Jiu Yang as Pangiran Raja Muda Hashim, the uncle of Pangiran Indera Mahkota

Ivan Chua Yun San as Pangiran Badruddin, the brother of Pangiran Muda Hashim

The three hilarious comic fictitious characters that light up the show (from left to right): Lau Chek Kong – Chinese gold tauke (played by Eddison Chai Chung Hung), Haji Mohd Wahid – cloth merchant (played by Suvan Pubalan) and Empawi Anak Entalang – Iban farmer (played by Lau Zhi You)

Cassandra Ho Kai Ting as Anne Maria Brooke nee Stuart, the mother of James Brooke

Kieran Paul Bhasker who played the young James Brooke

Leticia Tatih Henry (seated on the bamboo poles) who played Intan, the Iban lady whom Thomas Williamson felt in love with.

Leticia Tatih Henry (on the right) who played Intan, the Iban love interest of Thomas Williamson (Tristan Tan Yong Chuen) who eventually married her

Eddison Chai Chung Hung, besides holding the part of Lau Chek Kong, also played Judge Thomas Brooke, the father of James Brooke

Valerie Speldewinde played the rich heiress, Angela Bourdett-Coutts who supported James Brooke financially in his governance of Sarawak

Tristan Tan Yong Chuen, besides holding the part of Thomas Williamson, also played Francis Grant who painted the portrait of James Brooke in England

Alyssa Rebecca Ng Tian Yii (left) played Harriette Bunyon McDougall, the wife of Bishop Francis Thomas McDougall (right – Ethan Luke Goh Yao Hong), the first Anglican Bishop of Sarawak

Roy Tang Kie Yong played Spenser St John, one of James Brooke’s closest biographers

Ms Vivien Ng, a teacher who played Nyonya Emily Chan Kim Neo. She introduced this tale of long ago, a tale that begins where the rivers meet, and ended the musical with a call to the audience to sing the old Sarawak anthem, “Fairland Sarawak.”

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